Kyle Neff (49 Oxford St)

I rented one of Mike and Jim’s properties on Oxford Street for three years. I’ve lived in several rental properties in Rochester over the years and not only was the space itself the best of the bunch, but Mike and Jim were the best landlords I’ve had by a mile.

Any issue that we had with the apartment they were incredibly attentive to and understanding of. The property was well maintained inside and out throughout the duration of my rental and if the opportunity presented itself in the future I would have no reservations about renting another one of their properties.Truly cannot say enough positive things about the experience, it will surely be a high bar to clear moving forward.  Kyle

Michael Dombrowski (241 Barrington St)

Throughout our 2 years at Barrington street, Jim and Mike with 1492 Properties have both been outstanding landlords.  We were able to easily move in on time to a clean and very well maintained apartment without any issues or delays.  We valued the peace of mind we had knowing that Jim and Mike were easy to contact and would stop by to address any issues (which there were few to none) at a time that was most convenient for us – even if it was that day.  We were very lucky to be able to rent from 1492 Properties, and we will miss the home and service that the team provided!  Highly recommended!  Mike, Matt and David

Angela Giuseppetti and Dan Rehor (84 Avondale Park)

We rented a large two bedroom apartment from 1492 Properties and stayed their happily for 3 years. The apartment was well taken care of and both Michael and Jim we’re quick to respond to any questions or concerns we had no matter the time of day. When we moved in they made sure the space was clean and that any markings from previous tenants has been patched up. The bathroom was up-to-date and the kitchen had modern appliances that worked great. We would absolutely recommend our friends or family to rent from 1492 Properties and thoroughly enjoyed having them as landlords!

Liz Cuzack Brandon Costanzo  (62 Luzerne St)

Our experience with 1492 properties has been awesome! Michael and Jim were incredibly down to earth people and were always available at the ready! We never had a complaint and they always checking in on us from time to time. The house is incredibly well maintained and even had a modern look, especially the kitchen (hands down the best part of the apartment). If there was anything that needed fixing, they would be there incredibly fast so we greatly appreciate that. It truly has been a pleasure renting from 1492 Properties so thank you!

Danielle Famolaro  Josh Jones  (58 Luzerne St)

You both are wonderful landlords. 😊We have had the pleasure of renting from Mike and Jim for the past 4 years, in 2 of their apartments. Both apartments were extremely well maintained and updated, not to mention they both had porches. Any issue or concern that came up, was handled immediately by Mike and Jim. We could not have asked for better landlords, and will certainly miss them as we move on to our next chapter.   Danielle and Josh

Emily Eddy, Garrett Butler and Justin Clark (239 Barrington St)

Our experience renting with 1492 Properties, LLC over the past 3
years has been extraordinary. Mike and Jim are exceptional landlords,
consistently demonstrating that they genuinely care about their
properties as well as their tenants. Service is always speedy,
reliable, and professional. They are a pleasure to work with being
both attentive and responsive to all questions and concerns, and
consistently maintain open lines of communication. We would HIGHLY
recommend renting with 1492 Properties, LLC.” -Emily, Garret, Justin

Pat Bailey (60 Luzerne St)

“I have been a tenant with 1492 Properties for 6 years living at 60 Luzerne Street. I love the neighborhood and I’m going to miss my cozy second floor apartment. The size of the apartment is just right, the flowing floor plan makes the apartment feel very welcoming, my roommate and I always had enough space. I will always have fond memories of summer mornings and afternoons on the balcony, the view of the tree line and wide variety of birds that populate it can be a wonderful break from city life. Most importantly, Jim and Mike are the best landlords I’ve ever had; they are attentive, fair and friendly. I would absolutely recommend 60 Luzerne Street and 1492 Properties to a friend or family member.”

Allison Gionta and Duell Smith

(61 Oxford St)

We can’t say enough great things about Jim and Mike as our landlords for the past 3 years. As first time apartment renters, they have set the bar extremely high and made renting an enjoyable experience. They are very professional, extremely friendly and easy to communicate with. We can’t thank them enough for all they have done for us and the improvements they have made to the apartment on Oxford Street. I would definitely recommend Jim and Mike to future renters!! 

-Duell & Allison

Trevor Marion (219 Culver Rd Apt 1)

Congrats! You got a 5-star review

“Best Landlords in Rochester”


Conor Delaney (49 Oxford St)

Jim and Mike were great landlords. They were always attentive and friendly. One of them was always available and responsive when needed and if they happen to be out of town they always had someone available to fill in on their behalf. They took care of any request made and kept the property well-maintained. Very pleased with them as landlords during my year at this property. Would definitely recommend them!


Audrey Lawrence (51 Oxford St)

I lived on Oxford St with Mike and Jim as my landlords for two years and I had such a positive experience.  Mike and Jim will respond within minutes to any questions related to repairs, acceptable decorations, modifications to our space and even questions about purchasing our own properties in the future.  Having a landlord who is also a realtor is so helpful as Mike is willing to share that specialized knowledge and expertise with their properties as well as their tenants.  Mike and Jim always made sure we knew when changes like renovations or inspections were happening well before they did.  Whenever they travel, there is a solid backup plan in case anything happens.  It is unique and such a relief to have present and available landlords-  I recommend Mike and Jim to everyone looking to rent!  Audrey

Stephanie and Adam Preller (14C Rowley St)

My husband and I had the pleasure of being Mike and Jim’s tenants for two years. They greeted us warmly from the moment we moved in and, thereafter, responded quickly to any inquiries or requests we had. They took a genuine interest in our lives and were very comfortable to be around. We were sad to move out of our charming and spacious apartment, but consider ourselves lucky for having the opportunity to live there. In sum, anyone would be lucky to have Mike and Jim as landlords! – Steph & Adam P.

Jon Buckert (219 Culver Rd)

Even though I only lived on Park Ave for just under a year it was some of the best times I’ve had. Both Mike and Jim were great, any time there was an issue they were right there to help get it resolved. It was nice to know that if I had any problems all I needed to do was send them a message, and they would be right over to get it fixed.

If I ever move back to the Park Ave area, these guys would be my first choice for landlords.

Thanks Mike & Jim,

Pat Bailey (60 Luzerne St)

Jim and Mike,

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so good to me for the last 3.5 years. Luzerne street has been the only permanent residence I’ve had in my adult life and leaving will be very hard. Living here with Dan and then Christopher has been the best years of my life, but I must move on. I have decided to move in with my girlfriend


Ashtin Argenteri (5 Thayer St)

Here is my testimonial for your page, I mean every word and wish I could better express how much I truly loved being one of your tenants!

“Having dealt with different landlords and apartment facilities, none hold a candle to Jim and Mike. As landlords they are caring and very receptive.  When moving into Thayer, the apartment had only been in their possession for less than a year. They were perceptive and attentive to repairs to the apartment. Also, they were easily accessible via email or text, and took no longer than a few days to arrange a repair to be fixed or fix it themselves.  Jim and Mike take great care of their properties including, but definitely not limited to, keeping up lawn care and driveway clearance. From the start both Mike and Jim made sure my roommates and I understood they wanted our apartment to be our home, and that’s truly what it became. I’ll forever miss my time at Thayer and working with Jim and Mike! Thank you so much!


Kind Regards,

Ashtin Argentieri

Tyler Carr (5 Thayer St)

Jim and Mike

I wanted to include a huge thank you with my last rent check.  It has been such a pleasure living here, you both are wonderful.  We are going to miss this perfect house so much.  Thank you Thank you for everything!


Dan Claybaugh (60 Luzerne St)

Jim and Mike were top notch landlords. The apartment was well maintained and updated when I moved in. If I ever had any trouble or concerns Jim and Mike were quick to respond and address the issue. They are personable, helpful and reasonable. I would definitely rent from them again!

Ross Kahn (14 Rowley St)

Jim and Mike have been the most attentive, friendly, and present landlords I’ve ever had. They are always just a call or text away, and if something needs to be done, they are on the job immediately. Everything from making sure the driveway is clear, to keeping an eye on the house while you’re away, I can really feel secure as a renter that the landlords have my back. They really do an excellent job, and deserve as much credit as possible. Thanks for all your hard work!

Joe Zaccardo (170 Berkeley St)

As a first time renter I have been spoiled with Jim and Mike. From day one they have been nothing but gracious and accommodating to all of our needs. Not only have they became friends but they welcomed us into their family. If at anytime we needed something fixed or had an issue with anything, all we had to do was call or text Jim and the matter was taken care of within 24 hours. It made life for an extremely busy guy such as myself to not have to worry about odds and ends around the apartment because Jim would be there at the drop of a hat to help us and get the matter taken care of. They are both wonderful people and the best landlords you could possibly ask for.

Derek Pino (170 Berkeley St)

I happily became a tenant of Jim & Mike a year ago. They were responsive to my phone call from the moment I saw their ad for the apartment, and worked around my schedule to show it to me. Upon viewing the apartment for the first time, I knew it was a done deal; you could tell Jim and Mike invested a great deal of time and money into the property, the apartment was pristine, and we were in great hands. Before I was done looking around the apartment and rest of the house, I said “sold, what now.” I know what to look for in a home considering I own a construction business myself, and it was in great shape, no “cheap cover-ups”. Prior to moving in, Jim and Mike took it upon themselves to have the apartment professionally cleaned (which it didn’t need, but was a great touch). If ever any issue came up with the house, we knew we could call or text Jim and get an immediate answer, and immediate resolve; it was only a matter of minutes before he had scheduled a professional to come to the house and handle any is sue. From time to time, Jim would send a message to touch base with us and see how the house was, and to make sure we were happy with the home. I can confidently tell you, I couldn’t ask for a better landlord; just all around great people to be around, and that genuinely care for you. I was also financially comfortable with my decision because Jim & Mike treat property management as serious professionals, not as someone looking to make some extra income on the side, and that is very evident not only in the home but the way they take care of you. I am only leaving the apartment because I am building my own home; luckily, I know I am still keeping a great friendship with Jim and Mike.

Jonny O’Donnell

Mike & Jim are the absolute best landlords you could ever rent from. They are kind, caring, and compassionate about their properties, and want their tenants to be happy too. They both go above and beyond all expectations to ensure their tenant’s are comfortable and secure while providing upscale spaces for us to reside in. They very well may have achieved perfection in creating the ultimate landlord-tenant experience. Thanks for all you do for us! Cheers!

Sean Osterman (219 Culver Rd)

Mike and Jim purchased the house I was living in a couple months into my lease.  The landlords, which I signed the lease with, were a nice and friendly couple and I was quite hesitant about the transfer in ownership.  My roommates and I knew Mike and Jim owned multiple properties in the area and we were nervous the house would get lost in the shuffle.  Thankfully we were completely wrong.

From day one of ownership, Jim and Mike were incredible landlords.   If anyone in the house needed something, they would respond within 24 hours.  When repairs were needed, they would pay close attention to detail as if they were the ones living in the house.  They also aren’t just landlords, they’re good hearted people who care for their tenants.  Jim and Mike constantly want to know how you’re doing and genuinely care about your well being.  I couldn’t have been more pleased with my dealings with both Jim and Mike.”

Thanks guys,


Jim Nichols and Jen Tschorke (24 Oxf0rd St)

Jim and Mike are friendly landlords and were a pleasure to rent from. They were very accommodating to our needs and responsive to any issues that came up. All we had to do was text  Jim or Mike and we would be assured they’d address the matter. They are both great guys and you can tell that they take pride in their properties and their relationships with their tenants.

Jim & Jen

Ivana Dreno (51 oxford St)

I rented from Jim and Mike and had a wonderful experience with them as my landlords. They were always pleasant, helpful, extremely responsive and attentive to our needs. One or both of them would always respond to a text or call very quickly and come to see whatever the problem may have been. Their properties are well maintained and updated as necessary. They replaced our windows and bathtub when that became necessary in a very timely manner for our comfort. I highly recommend them to other renters looking for great landlords!
-Ivana Dreno

Ryan Flood (14 Rowley St)

This was my first apartment, and Jim and Mike exceeded my reputations as to what landlords should be. Along with being prompt with any maintenance needed to our place, they were both prompt with responses, be it a friendly text message or an informative email. After a few short weeks, I found that I was able to speak to both Jim and Mike about things outside of our residential agreements. We were able to speak about my career path, holiday events, family topics, or even current events- This made me feel like I was renting from two friends, not just two professionals.
I would highly recommend Jim & Mike to any individual looking to move in to an apartment in the Rochester area. One word of caution- once you have these two as landlords, you won’t want anyone else!
-Ryan P. Flood

Ryan Shaughnessy (219 Culver Rd)

I lived in the Park Avenue area for 6 years and I became used to getting the keys, signing the lease and dealing with any problems in the house on my own throughout my tenancy.  With Mike and Jim, that was not the case at all.  Any time we needed something fixed or had an issue, they were over within a day or two to take care of it.  They also made several upgrades to the house throughout our stay making it much more comfortable for me and my roommates.

These guys will be my first choice if I move back to Park Ave.

Thank you Mike & Jim.

Joe Segrue (219 Culver Rd)

I lived at 219 Culver for two years with Jim and Mike as my landlords and it was an enjoyable experience.  They were always on top of any problems we had, took care of the property and made the rent experience very easy for me. They were always doing little upgrades to make the apartments look nicer.  They were accessible and easy to get a hold of as well.


Madeline DiPaola (265 Rosedale St)

My brother, sister and I absolutely loved living in Jim and Mike’s house on Rosedale! They’re by far the best landlords any of us have ever had. The house was in awesome shape when we moved in and they took great care of the outdoors during all seasons. When we had to make a maintenance request for a kitchen disposal malfunction and carbon monoxide detector, they were over in a timely manner to check it out. In fact, when we saw the sign outside the apartment and gave them a call, they were over in 5 minutes for us to take a look! Jim and Mike are respectful, kind people, who always gave us ample notice if they had to come into the house for any reason. We’ll miss the house, and Jim and Mike!!

Melissa Braun (263 Rosedale St)

I have lived in several properties in Rochester over the past several years and have not had a landlord that cares nearly as much as Mike and Jim do for their properties and tenants.  If we needed assistance or something wasn’t working in the house they were there within hours and if they were out of town they had someone available for any emergencies that needed to be taken care of.  I was upset to leave this house but all of the roommates went in different directions at the end of our lease.  If you are looking for a beautiful well kept apartment with reliable landlords these are the properties you should be looking at!


Melissa Braun

Caity Steffens (14 Rowley St)

Mike and Jim were exceptional landlords who went above and beyond for us as their tenants. Whenever we had an issue they responded immediately and would make sure the issue was addressed and fixed. If they were ever going to be out of town they always made sure to let us know and leave a contact for any emergencies. We truly felt safe knowing that they were our landlords as they did everything they could to make sure we were comfortable and our apartment was up to standards. I was upset when I had to relocate and lose them as landlords! Thank you so much for the past year!

Caity Steffens

Veronica Ginty and Dan Marracino

It was hard to leave our apartment knowing we won’t find better landlords out there. Mike and Jim were there for us whenever we needed them, easy to get ahold of and incredibly organized! When it comes to renting an apartment, you’re looking for a landlord that’s professional, honest, approachable and knows what their doing. We were spoiled with Mike and Jim and they made us feel like family. We will always be in touch with them. They made 62 Luzerne st feel like home for us. Not to mention the bonus washer and double dryer set in the basement and our fantastic upstairs neighbors! Thanks for the best renting experience, if we make it back to Rochester we know who to contact!

Best, Veronica and Dan                                      ( the future Mr and Mrs Marracino)